Private Label

Our team can help you design and develop your idea, from concept to a market-ready product. Once developed, LTV can also assist with the mass production and fulfillment of all future purchase orders.

Why choose a
custom-developed product?

Tailor made product

A product that is made to your standards and specifications.

Fits with your brand

Get a unique product that is aligned with your brand.

Unique features

You choose the specific features you would like included with your products.

Process & Steps

Sales and Ideation

In this phase, your ‘dream’ will be worked out and translated in a project proposal.


Functionalities & Usage

First, the functionalities and usage of the product must be made clear. This will set requirements that the product must meet from your standpoint. This phase will end with an exact list of product requirements that both parties will agree on.

Research and Requirements

In this phase, all the requirements for the product are worked out. Different LTV teams will also research how we can build the product and if the requirements are feasible, and work out a regulatory strategy. Here we'll answer - how do we get this product certified?


Design and Development

In this phase, the design team creates the preliminary design, after which the engineering team will turn the design into a real producible product. All project requirements will be met, and the product will be validated based upon its intended use.


When the product design is clear, the prototyping phase will start, during which the design is translated into a 3D model. The 3D model is a digital version of the actual product and therefore contains all product components. Then a prototype version of the product will be made and sent to you. This prototype device needs to be tested and approved by you before moving forward.


Tooling and moulding

During this phase, the tools and moulds will be made for manufacturing the product. The tools and moulds will be tested and slightly adjusted, optimizing the production flow and ensuring high-quality output. When the tools are made, the first production run can start. In parallel, the work instructions are worked out for the production personnel who will assemble the product.

Production & Delivery

After production, the products are shipped out, either directly to you or our dropshipping warehouse in the USA. During this phase, the products might also be monitored and evaluated for effectiveness and safety. That is done through procedures that are set in place.


Additional Services

Besides the services mentioned above, we offer additional services to ensure that we are a one-stop-shop to create your dream product. Below is a list of other services we have successfully provided to our clients in the past. Please note that this list is not limited, and we are always open to offering assistance in whatever way we can.

App Development
Web Development
Trademark research and filing
Drop shipping & Fulfilment USA
FDA clearance, MDR certification
CE marking, FCC- and Rohs certification.
Creation of packaging and manual
Repair services
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